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First week back after Christmas Break

The first week back to work is over now. You've made it. Be proud. Although your not feeling the best and the fact you can't eat leftovers for breakfast is making you sad, we can all appreciate the first weekend after Christmas break. The first week back has been an up hill struggle but you are not alone. Even with these few hiccups.



Feeling like your about to pass out due to lack of naps.




Finally getting rid of all 1,347 e-mails you got entitled 'New Year, New You'.




Healthy resolutions, healthy diets healthy workouts....no just no




Not being able to go to work in Tracksuit or pyjamas is making life very difficult





Dreading the sound of the alarm in the morning





So to help you out a bit next week why not check out our range of funny slogan garments.


Perfectly Imperfect - Sweatshirt




It's Not Whether You Win Or Lose - Sweatshirt




If You're Happy T-Rex - Sweatshirt




Friday Is A Good Day - Sweatshirt


January 08, 2016 by 123t funny t-shirts

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