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So today you probably saw many a businessman on the tube wearing a festive jumper that looks like his nan knitted 10 years ago and others wearing more questionably fashionable Christmas jumpers well, thats because  (if you didn't know already) it's Christmas Jumper Day !!

We decided to show all of you what Christmas Jumpers were being worn here at the office some of them are surprisingly fashionable although we do cater for the outrageous and garish too.


Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal - Sweatshirt




Christmas Lunch For T-Rex - Sweatshirt




Pass Me The Sprouts - Sweatshirt




Dear Santa - Sweatshirt




Ho Ho Ho! I Don't Exist! - Sweatshirt




Merry Christmas - Hoodie




Christmas Pudding - Sweatshirt




Elf Christmas - T-Shirt




Santa Christmas - T-Shirt




I'm Not Short I'm Elf Sized - Sweatshirt


Merry Christmas from 123t®

December 18, 2015 by 123t funny t-shirts

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