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Six affordable last minute Christmas presents for every Star Wars fan

If you've seen the clips of the Star Wars Premiere today then you will be just as excited as we are. With only 2 days to go until the official screenings, we're preparing for Star Wars by binge watching the films and dressing head to toe in Star Wars attire to show our support and love.

If you are like us, or you're struggling to get last minute Christmas presents for people like us that won't break the bank, then here is a lovely bunch of items to get your fandom freak flag flying. 


1) For the lover of all things Star Wars

Star Wars Universe - T-Shirt



 2) For the bike enthusiast that also has a dark side


We Have Bikes - Vest



 3) For the proud follower of the Dark Side 

Darth Vader - T-Shirt



 4) The New Hope fan 

Star Wars New Hope - T-Shirt 



 5) For the fan theorist ("If only the Galactic Empire had used ATATs a little longer, they could have evolved to walk on two legs!")

Evolution ATAT - Sweatshirt



6) Finally, seeing as it's also #InternationalTeaDay it'd be more than appropriate to show your love while having a cuppa

We Have Cookies - Mug



So lets get ready and let the excitment take over you.





Merry Christmas from 123t®

December 15, 2015 by 123t funny t-shirts

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